Sign of the Times

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

Political polarization is peaking online and in communities across the United States, with just weeks to go before the 2020 General Election. The division is clear on social media, and recently, from increased reports of campaign yard-sign theft and vandalism. Yard signs supporting President Donald Trump, former vice president Joe Biden, and other local candidates are all being targeted by those with opposing viewpoints.

However, while some might view taking down or defacing yard signs as an act of political activism, the law is clear on the issue: Theft or vandalism of political signs is a crime, and trespassing on private property is also a punishable offense. We interviewed a few who either have done this before or don’t believe it should be a crime, wanting to know the justifications for their reasoning. For safety purposes, we will keep their names anonymous.

Why did you first steal a sign?

Respondent A: I first stole the sign due to the frustration and anger of seeing how many people, even in my own neighborhood, supported Donald Trump. This had been the first time I had been out of my house and actually looked at my neighborhood, and after seeing how many people supported a man who I believe to be the symbol of ignorance, I stole the sign. 

Respondent B: I thought it would be fun, because I don’t like Donald Trump.

Respondent C: Personally I didn’t, but I was okay with watching my friends do it because my family got our Trump and Dan Crenshaw signs stolen. It was the thrill of going out with my friends and taking back what we lost. 

Would you be okay if someone stole a sign of the party you support? If no, why not?

Respondent A: I would not be okay if someone stole a Biden sign, but I would understand due to my personal experience. The reason I would not be okay is because Biden represents civility in America, meanwhile the opposing candidate Trump represents narcissism and ignorance.

Respondent B: Yes, I would because they’re demonstrating their opinion, it goes both ways.

Respondent C: No. (stated previously)

Do you regret stealing the sign?

Respondent A: Yes, I do regret it because the family paid for the sign, and I stole it due to my outburst of frustration. I later realized as well that when these types of occurrences happen, it will only make the household more angry and protective of their beliefs, rather than changing them. 

Respondent B: No, I do not regret it. 

Respondent C: In a way, yes, I felt bad afterwards. 

What’s the most obvious contrast between these two candidates?

Respondent A: I would say the most defining contrast between the two candidates is honesty and integrity. It is utterly incomprehensible to me how people support Trump, who is a pathological liar. In many observations Trump is seen to lie to protect his personal ego or afflictions. For example, there is a wall in New York that has a Trump quote for every time he’s lied, which is already past 20,000 times. In addition to this, Trump’s complete lack of integrity is indicative of his actions as president. Scandal after scandal, abusement of power, rejection of science and more totals to the complete failure of a president he is. On the other hand, Biden has been shown to be honest, compassionate, and caring to American people, repeatedly calling for unity over division. 

Respondent B: Neither of them are particularly good, but at least Biden does not have sexual allegations against children.

Respondent C: Trump loves America, and Biden doesn’t. 

DISCLAIMER: The Cypress Creek High School Press does not condone theft or vandalism. We ask that you please show your support for your desired candidate by showing up to the voting booths.

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