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Girls basketball fosters mentorship across grade levels

The Cy Creek Girls Basketball Team has been known to dominate the scene on the court. Our varsity team has worked exceedingly hard to become the champions they are today, holding the title of district champions underneath their belt.
However, every person on the team started off as a freshman, and they all had to grow into shoes from the varsity team before them to be in the position they are today.

“People only really have seen the team when they are killing it on the court,” Layla Jones, senior manager, said. “No one really sees how this team makes you grow. How it makes you put your hope into each other and how you can rely on this team outside of the sport.”

The team has a history as one of the best teams in the district.

“I wasn’t close with the seniors, but they were always so big in the media,” Mika Neri-Kanai, one of the senior team captains, said. “I knew if I wanted to be like them, I’d have to step up.”

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But the freshmen have been working hard. Both freshmen Jordyn Badger and Reena Dhillon intend on staying in basketball for their high school careers, aiming for spots on the varsity team.

“[Time goes by fast] and I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready for the day I make it onto Varsity,” Badger said.

Oftentimes, practice between the three teams – varsity, junior varsity, and freshman – are held to better the freshmen team and help them reach their goals in the sport.

“When we practice, they [varsity] always tell us what to do better, and it makes me excited to reach their skill level,” Dhillon said.

While working on the technical aspects of the game, the freshmen are also able to see how the varsity team interacts with one another.

“I started playing in seventh grade, but truthfully the thing that makes me want to continue is looking at how close the team is and how hard they work,” Badger said.

Over the course of the year, the seasoned members of the team put in effort to become a positive influence for the freshmen just as their seniors had done to them.

“As a leader, it’s just harder,” Neri-Kanai said. “I had mentors last year who inspired me to become the leader I am today. I want to interact with the freshmen and be there for them like my mentors were to me.”

Their hard work fosters dedication and commitment that molds them into the team known as champions.

“I think the reason why we are such a good team in the district is that these teams are all able to support one another,” Jones said. “Most of the freshmen have goals, and [like our mentors before us] we show them how to reach them.”

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