CCHS Press


  • How do I get involved with CCHS Press? – Bribe Miss Berry with coffee. Just kidding. Freshmen are required to take Journalism I or Photojournalism, but sophomores and juniors must complete an application and have adviser approval to join.
  • Did you know you have a typo in a story? – Thank you so much for catching that! Here’s a link to fill out an application – bring your red pen, Master Copy Editor.
  • What happened to the print edition? – It still exists but we are printing less. Printing expenses have increased in recent years and the interest to advertise has decreased. The online paper is our solution, and it’s 2015 – everyone is online.
  • Why isn’t my comment on a page? -It may not have been approved or you may have broken one of our rules. Most common reason is, you didn’t leave your name and email. Be nice enough to tell us who you are.
  • Does Mrs. Snokhous or Mr. Godbolt read content on this site? – We love the admin team, and we don’t want to brag, but they like us too. They have a great working relationship with us. We’ll gladly run anything controversial by her. She doesn’t censor because she’s cool that way.
  • Does anyone really read this stuff? – Our moms, grandmas and you, obviously.
  • Do you really need to interrupt class for interviews?Unless you want a bunch of nerdy journalism kids with your cell phone number, yes.  Really, how else are we going to get great stories about our student body?
  • I don’t like that picture/story of me. Will you take it down? – Would the Chronicle take it down? Nope, and neither will we. It’s our policy to protect the work of our students. Check out our policies.
  • Are these really Frequently Asked Questions? -No – these are actually the good questions. Come by Room 1446 and we’ll tell you all the really dumb ones we’ve heard. Bring popcorn or coffee.

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