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Freshmen swing big on varsity softball team

Walking through the hallways beginning their freshman year, Aubree Ford and Mia Arenas never would have imagined that they would make the varsity team at the beginning of their high school years.

¨It’s a pretty cool experience not a lot of people get to start in varsity as a freshman. As a freshman its a pretty cool thing to be able to play with a bunch of older kids. You go in with the expectation to go into JV and you end up going to a higher level,¨ Freshman Aubree Ford.

There are not a lot of people who are able to have the ability like these two girls where they come in with all their energy and strength to be the best on the field

¨It was really cool because I started off as a hybrid,so I started off playing JV and Varsity. I was able to make a lot of friends, everyone was encouraging, and then when I got moved up to varsity officially everyone was so happy for me,¨ freshman Mia Arenas said. ¨It was really cool to be part of that challenging environment.¨

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Both of them have worked their hardest to get where they are today. They have begun playing since a young age and have helped them learn better and become better players.

¨I’ve played softball most of my life. My dads side is very involved in sports and he signed me up when I was 6 years old. I’ve been playing for eight years now but although it is a lot of work it is still fun to be out there on the field,¨ said Arenas.

¨My mom wanted to play in college but she never could because she injured her knee so that motivated to start playing. Ive been playing since I was six so I’ve built experience and techniques over the past few years,¨ said Ford.

Starting off in varsity is a big accomplishment that these girls have been able to accomplish and not many people can say they have been in this situation.

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