Teacher wait to put in grades until last minute

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Students put a lot of their focus on grades and school to gives themselves a brighter future. When it comes time for a six weeks to end, most people want to make sure  their grades have remained up to par. This cannot happen when a teacher waits until the last minute to put in grades, especially a major grade. If that major grade turns out as an F, it will bring down the grade leaving students with no time to redo. If it ends up as a C,  it will bring the grade down with no chance to redo because the student did not fail.

As a student progresses into a higher grade the curriculum gets more difficult therefore school requires more time and effort. Students understand that the amount of work they put in will reflect their grade but it gets hard to tell when a teacher does not put grades in until last minute. Even if teachers put in good grades at last minute all before that students will stress because they do not know how their grade will turn out. If a student happens to make a zero on an assignment or forget to turn it in they will have no way of knowing about the grade and be surprised on report cards.

Waiting to put in grades not only adds stress on the student but also the teacher. When they wait until last minute it gives them more work to do and adds more grading stress on them. For classes where students writes an essay makes this especially hard to grade at last minute. Each teacher has about 200 students, grading 200 papers at last minute puts a lot of pressure on a person.

Additionally, teachers should not wait to grade at the last minute because it causes a lot of angry parents to call, email, or schedule a meeting with the teacher. Students can blame the grades on the fact that they did not have time to redo because of the teacher. If teachers graded in  a responsible amount of time no student could blame the bad grade on the teacher. However parents and students should understand that teachers have a lot of students papers to grade for each assignment.

Things would be much easier for everyone if they knew early about their grades so last minute stress can be avoided by teachers and students. If teachers start putting in grades earlier it would make all those little easily-avoided problems solved and teachers would not have blame for students grades not being up to par on report cards.