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Teacher wait to put in grades until last minute

Story by: Jaidyn Hatchett, Reporter April 25, 2017

Students put a lot of their focus on grades and school to gives themselves a brighter future. When it comes time for a six weeks to end, most people want to make sure  their grades have remained up to...

Timing doesnt have to be perfect

Timing doesn’t have to be perfect

Jill Burkey’s experience with having a long-term substitute
Story by: Brooke Bettes, Reporter February 10, 2017

Already having drastic changes in her life, Jill Burkey’s emotions heightened when she discovered that she would not start the school year off as a teacher, but as a mother instead. Getting past the...

Testing the limits

Testing the limits

State-mandated tests limit curriculum for teachers, students
Story by: Miranda Duncan, Copy Editor April 8, 2016

In core curriculum classes (math, science, English and history), teachers plan their lessons based on preparing their students for state-required tests at the end of the year. The Texas State Board of...

New teachers on the block

New teachers on the block

Story by: Jackson Glenn, Reporter October 23, 2014

As the new year starts, new faculty roam the halls coming from all over the country and even the world. These eager teachers come prepared for the year ahead of them with open arms. Theater teacher...

Leading the class: Government teacher Nicole Cuellar explains to her fourth period government AP class an assignment involving the various parts of the political spectrum.

‘Teaching them that their voice matters’

Senior voices heard through government assignment
Story by: Adolfo Munoz, Reporter December 2, 2013

With every day that passes, government teachers help seniors realize their voices can make a difference, one student suggestion at a time. Through the use of a class assignment, government students gain...

Enforcing the inevitable

Story by: Caline Forward, Reporter November 15, 2013

A boy listens to his iPod during the minute of silence, tugging at one of the many holes in his jeans and shivering at the cold draft because of the lack of sleeves on his tank top. When the administrator’s...

Concealed handguns can keep schools safe

Story by: Andrea Anderson, Reporter November 7, 2013

Passing laws allowing teachers to have guns in classrooms may be the only solution to ceasing violence in schools. When the founding fathers created the Second Amendment they did so out of the belief...

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