Creek’s Got Spirit


photo by: Gabby Rocha

Cy Creek has occupied the title as having the best student section for many years. The vine of our famous “AHH CC” went around the internet appearing on social media platforms such as instagram and twitter. Students show school spirit at Cy Creek by dressing up on the designated days and cheering for the sports teams in the student section. Senior cheer escort Nick Crawford loves showing school spirit.

“School spirit is a community affect, it doesn’t stop at cougars and blue and white,” Crawford said. “When the hurricane hit and Creek kids came out to help their friends in need, that to me is school spirit.”

The community at Cy Creek extends further than the building. School spirit occurs when a person out in public wears a Cy Creek shirt or when a cheerleader cheers at the games. Junior cheerleader Mekenna Earnhart shares that everyone getting hype in the student section makes her cheering better and believes that it shows the true meaning of school spirit.

“Seeing everyone having fun during drumline has to be the best part for me,” Earnhart said. “The student section looks so amazing from down on the field.”

Football games and showing school spirit take place in high school for a reason, so why not enjoy it while it lasts. Showing school spirit consists of more than just going to games. Participating in dress up days, wearing a Creek shirt, helping the community act as ways to show love for Cy Creek. Senior Ashlyn Aven just wants to enjoy high school while it lasts.

“I only have one high school experience,” Aven said. “I just want to have fun and do it right.”