Relaxation in the workplace

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Companies should find a way to help employees avoid stress.

Any employee would love a place to work and relax, meditate, take naps and finish work  all at the same time. Surprisingly enough, such places do exist, and one can find them in more businesses than they believe. Companies such as Google give employees the option to participate in stress management classes make their job less stressful and to give them a chance to recharge to maximize their ability to produce ideas. Doing so gives the company the ability to fully maximize the quality of the company. When the company has a high quality, the company is more respected by users. This also earns things produced by this company more traffic, thus allowing the company to have maximum revenue.

This chain reaction allows their companies to grow and become well respected. For those reasons Google offers a gym to its employees. This gym gives the employees a chance to go somewhere to blow off steam and take their mind off work. Google does this in hopes of enhancing the abilities of the employees.

Apple, too, offers these benefits to its employees. Steve Jobs loved to meditate to create new, innovative products for Apple. Throughout his life Jobs remained close to many monks and even got married in a zen ceremony. He allowed employees to take thirty minutes out of their day to meditate at work, providing classes on meditation and yoga on-site, and offering the use of a meditation room. With these things in place employees did not feel so stressed and were able to think more clearly and have a better mindset for their jobs.

Nike also allows employees to relax and take time off while at work. For instance, employees have access to relaxation rooms where they can pray, sleep  and meditate. In addition to these rooms employees can take yoga classes without leaving their desks.

HBO also dedicates its effort to their employees’ well-being. HBO offers a gym and free yoga and meditation classes. With more freedom in place for the employees there is less things on their mind weighing them down and distracting them, and this allows them to have clear thought and full thought.  

Other ideal things companies should do to benefit themselves could include longer lunches so that the employee would not have to rush from work to get  lunch. This would prevent from having to bring a lunch so that they could get a better lunch for themselves. Allowing them to get a better lunch could maximize their thinking process. Also, another helpful thing for employees would be top of the line technology so that it makes the job easier with less hassle of slow or old technology.

All of these things can help companies in the long run with productivity and overall quality of the company itself.