Benefits of high school athletics

Many false stereotypes exist when people think of high school athletics and what it means to call oneself an athlete. Around school, some members of the student body consider athletes as “jocks” who do not care about anything and have the mental capacity of a peanut. Around town, people think schools spend too much money on sports. Around the world, other countries think the United States puts too much emphasis on sports and should focus on academics.

The truth is, athletics embodies a code of ethics that helps students reach their full potential, on and off the court or field, and opens up a broad spectrum of opportunities that benefit students to achieve greatness.

High school athletics fosters growth in students and promotes a family atmosphere some students may not have. During the season, teammates truly get to know each other.The incredible feeling an athlete gets when he or she knows 10 to 12 other people who share a common love lasts a lifetime.

Athletes also possess a competitive spirit that will drive successful career motivation. When competing in a sport in high school, athletes not only compete with other students from other schools but also within their team. As a result, athletes train themselves to triumph above the rest. This competitive nature will drive the athlete to success.

Unfortunately, the media portrays high school athletes as bullies who enjoy tormenting other people. But this does not hold true; teachers and administration look to athletes to uphold a standard of commitment, achievement, dedication and success. They hold them accountable for their actions and consider them leaders and helpers of the student body.

The rewarding feelings, the memories, and camaraderie outweigh the negative stereotypes and preconceived notions attached to the title of an athlete. In order to break the molds of the stereotypes, people need to keep an open mind when it comes to judging someone solely based on what activities they participate in. These actions coupled with knowing about the  fictional nature of the media’s portrayal of athletes will allow a better understanding of what it truly means to be a high school athlete.