V day OK

A student walks into school wearing a pink shirt, mentally prepared to take on the day.

Then it appears. The big bouquet of red roses in the grip of another girl’s hands and then it strikes. Alone on Valentine’s Day. Again.

At first, the day might suck watching all the “in-love” couples. People hugging and kissing, and watching the girls carry their flowers, chocolates and over sized stuffed animals.

Only two options remain for the single student to tackle Valentines Day: one, walk around sulking about remaining “forever alone” or two, walk around remembering all of the  friends and family who love them.

By not committing to a Valentine, friends can go out together. Go get some fro-yo or catch the latest tear-jerker and eat Milk Duds and popcorn. Whoever said eating away feelings did more harm than good obviously never experienced being alone on Valentine’s day. Take  a moment to just enjoy life. Just hit the gym the next day and it’ll balance out.

Instead of focusing on the negatives of the day think about how to make others have a better day simply by showing them love. Hey, that is the reason for the season. Sadness is unneeded even in the absence of a boyfriend for the day, but no one is the only single gal out there.