A trip to the Irish

Story by: Justin Sloane, Sports Correspondent

The old wooden benches, remain empty of standing fans, but the stadium was full.

Outside the stadium, the cool, midwest autumn breeze announced the arrival of Fall.

However, inside the stadium, the air was intense and full of screaming fans making it feel like a warm summer day.

Fans cheered loud for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and stood frozen and silent for the USC Trojans as a historic rivalry went underway. Millions of people watched the showdown as it aired nationally on NBC.

Watching live, inside the intense stadium, I sat near the ten-yard line, and a couple rows up. Many hardcore fans surrounded me cheering and praying for the Irish to come out on top.

The Irish got off to a slow start allowing the Trojans to score first. After several big plays, bringing the fans to the tips of their toes, as well as many nail biting moments, the Fighting Irish finished off the USC with a final score of 31-41.

Before the game, thousands of fans woke up bright and early to get to campus in the morning to prepare for the game, as they do each and every game. Many tailgate from dawn to dusk, eating and partying until the arrival of the showdown. Others, walk miles and miles across the large campus admiring all of the history that took place inside of the university.  

Interestingly, Notre Dame possesses one of the largest bookstores of any college in the United States. Many fans go to the bookstore before each game to acquire new gear like shirts, jackets, hats, etc. to show support to their favorite team. Their bookstore, stands each and every game day to make over one million dollars in revenue.

Notre Dame, a private, catholic based, university, hosts a beautiful church, known as the Basilica, where students, fans, and even the football players pray before each game. The church remains open to the public year around, so visitors can always come in to pray, and/or tour the Basilica.      

A trip to Notre Dame passed as quite an experience due to the beautiful campus and all of the positive vibes from the fans and the students. When you are inside the campus everybody around you becomes your friend, and no one is an enemy.