Stepping Into A New Year.

Welcome to Fashion of the Month! A brand new once a month source for all things fashion, whether it be a brand on the rise or a few trending outfits.It’s a new year, new you, and new fashion choices for everybody to enjoy. Here’s a list of a few noticeable shoe options for this month.

Air Jordan 13 Starfish
Ever since 1984 Michael Jordan has been rocking the Air Jordan Sneakers, and in 1985 that’s when the public had their chance to feel like Air Jordan himself. With the release of the first ever open to public Air Jordan 1, which went on to make an outstanding $126 million in its first year, We have seen 36 years worth of Jordan sneakers.The newest Air Jordan 13 is not particularly new, but the Air Jordan 13 Starfish is a colorful take on the original. These sneakers are primarily white but on the outline it has the Starfish Orange color and it compliments the sneaker quite well which makes this a top choice on Fashion of the Month. Hopefully in the future we can hope to see more of this beautiful Starfish Orange color being implemented.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 New Year
Adidas is a brand that hardly needs an introduction. Adidas has gained popularity ever since 1970 when they first became the number one athletic shoe brand. Itś the first month of the new year and with that Adidas will release a new color on the D.O.N. Issue #2. The new colors that will be added are meant to make the shoe portray a design quite like the Chinese new year. This shoe was released on the 22nd of January.

Vans Where’s Waldo Collab
Vans is an American made company that specializes in skateboarding shoes, but they don’t shy away from other clothing items such as shirts, socks, pants, and underwear. 1982 is the year that Vans really started to move up in the world, when they debuted in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Now when it comes to collabs, Vans does not disappoint.. As of January 4th Vans has decided to do another collab, a surprise Where’s Waldo collab with multiple shoes. one of, if not the, best collab of the year so far. Fashion is ever-changing but hopefully collabs will never stop. It’s such a treat to see them.

January’s best dressed

Michelle Obama Rocking Sergio Hudson attire.
During the inauguration for Biden several public figures, such as Katy Perry and Bernie Sanders, showed up in pretty spicy outfits but the one that stood out the most was what Michelle Obama brought to the party. Noticed by a lot of people Michelle showed up wearing a Sergio Hudson outfit adding accessories of her own. Michelle had worn a plum colored turtleneck with pants that were a shade lighter than her shirt as well as a belt with a big belt buckle. Michelle Had also worn black leather gloves and to top it all off she killed it in her Stuart Weitzman suede boots.

Bernie Sanders is a meme
While Michelle Obama was dressed to impress, Bernie Sanders the man, the myth, the legend, was out making himself a meme one that will probably last for all eternity. The name of the meme is mittens and itś a picture of Sanders sitting with his hands on his legs and his legs crossed. Usually when someone sits down they don’t get memes made out of them but the memes that have been made out of Sanders are just hands down some of the most beautiful memes to surface in the past few years.