Obsession with Progression


“Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey – Icons” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Many clubs have introduced themselves this year, and Young Progressives has taken the stage as one of the biggest so far. This group formed out of the late Young Democrats, but instead provides a platform for everyone with an opinion. Whether doing local town halls, putting up posters, or simply discussing an issue with Young Republicans, they always contribute something in whatever task they take on. They hold events in and around the school to discuss issues affecting CY Creek and the community.

The first YP Town hall will happen in LGI1 on November 28th, barring any setbacks. The club will talk mainly about gun reform, and what we as students can do about it.

Young Progressives’ main goal aims to evoke change within the community. They want to provide a platform for everyone’s opinion, and rid of the close-mindedness that inevitably inhabits a lot of people. Sophomore Grace Branscome, a member, wants to emphasize the importance of involving yourself in the community, locally and nationally,

“I think it’s very important. People will say ‘Oh, you’re young’ but that doesn’t matter,” Branscome said.  “If you’re involved, your opinion still has an effect on how things are run within the community. Being involved at a young age gives you very good background knowledge and experience.”

Branscome believes in the importance of inclusiveness. She knows many different people with different backgrounds and beliefs. She does not support oppression of these things, which exemplifies one of the main causes of why she joined this club.

“It gives me a very inclusive experience, I feel supported,” Branscome said. “It’s a very supportive environment, because it’s accepting of everyone from every background and every belief.”

In light of the negative connotation regarding terms such as “reform,” Young Progressives wants to invalidate those beliefs by proving how much the club can really get done.

“We introduce one specific subject, a political topic. It’s some kind of controversial topic currently affecting the community,” Branscome said. “Members will branch off that topic and discuss it with others.”

Branscome understands that this club will not have everyone’s ideals in mind.

“I would tell them how important it is to be involved,” Branscome said. “Young Progressives gives everyone a platform for every opinion, and we hope to improve its publicity as we go along.”