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Cougars: I’ll be There for You

Cougars: I'll be There for You
November 8, 2019

  The warm lights of the stadium crank down to darkness, the only source of light coming from the words sprawled across the bleachers. “Cougars” illuminates the field and students erupt in...

“North Avenue” Takes Home Gold

October 2, 2019

The warm lights dim as the murmurs of an anxious crowd fade into the silence of anticipation. Dozens of artists fidget in their seats, restlessly awaiting the beginning of the showings. A black Sedan pulls...

The Flint Water Crisis in 2019

The Flint Water Crisis in 2019
Yes, that's still happening
September 4, 2019

What began in April of  2014 as a way to cut down city spending morphed into city-wide health crisis that continues to plague the citizens of Flint over five years later.    Flint, Michigan...

Highlights of 2018

photo courtesy of Creative Commons
December 18, 2018

In honor of the hectic, action filled year of 2018 coming to a close as we leave for christmas break, we wanted to reflect back on all that has happened. So without further adieu, as we tie a bow around...

Devil’s Advocate in Angel Wings

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons
December 11, 2018

For years the beauty industry showcased only “the best of the best”. Women have had to look a certain way, have the “perfect” body, and most body types were not represented in the media. However,...

Choir Region Concert

photo courtesy of Willow Copeland-Vallejo
November 27, 2018

Voices fill the room as many exchange nervous glances. Students have been eagerly awaiting results for hours, each minute the pressure increasing. Suddenly there is silence and the results are posted....

Three strikes you’re out: CFISD absence policy

Three strikes you're out: CFISD absence policy
October 31, 2018

Students across the nation struggle with the stress and pressure of exam season. With increasingly difficult courses and material, CFISD began offering students the opportunity to exempt some of their...

Band: Behind the Scenes

photo by: Kansas Meade
October 4, 2018

From August through November, the Cypress Creek Marching Band spends over one hundred and fifty hours outside in the parking lot rehearsing their show. With so much time dedicated to the program, students...

Bringing the H.E.A.T

Photo by: Jaidyn Hatchett
September 17, 2018

  Cy Creek currently offers a variety clubs, from Interact to Cougars for Christ. This year, Creek’s newest club, H.E.A.T., will make its first debut. Students have the opportunity to join a...

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