Choir Region Concert


photo courtesy of Willow Copeland-Vallejo

Voices fill the room as many exchange nervous glances. Students have been eagerly awaiting results for hours, each minute the pressure increasing. Suddenly there is silence and the results are posted.

Every year students in choirs all over the district compete for a spot in Region Choir. Though it is a difficult process, 23 students from Cy Creek gained a spot in one of the three choirs. One of the students that was able to gain a spot was junior Willow Copeland-Vallejo.

“This was my first year making one of the choirs for Allstate,” Copeland-Vallejo said. “I think this year I knew more people that were going to audition, so during the day while we were all nervous we could all talk to each other and kinda chill out a bit, and everybody just kinda calmed each other’s nerves.”  

Auditioning for region choir has quite a few steps and proves quite a difficult process. Before one can even worry about region one has to audition and make it through Districts. At the beginning of the year students are given the music chosen for Allstate for the year. The top 60 chairs of each part advance to region auditions. Students are then given four new pieces to learn specific to region. Students remain unaware of the cuts they’ll be singing until the day of auditions.

After results are posted students discover which choir they made based upon how well they performed during their audition. Chairs 1 through 17 recieve a spot in the mixed region choir, while chairs 18 through 37 make the all-girls choir.

For Copeland-Vallejo this is her first time making a region choir. Though she has had a big problem with nerves in the past, having people that she knew were going through the same thing helped to maintain her sanity while waiting hours for results. Region choir creates an opportunity for students all over the district to meet and form bonds with one another.

“My favorite part of Region Choir was probably getting to meet other people from other schools who share the common interest of choir.” Copeland-Vallejo said.

After months of practice and rigorous training, students finally get to see it all come together on the day of the performance.

“It’s hard work but it’s definitely worth it in the end,” Copeland-Vallejo said. “You get to see the finished product of all the schools coming together and everyone’s individual efforts paying off.”