Bringing the H.E.A.T


Photo by: Jaidyn Hatchett


Cy Creek currently offers a variety clubs, from Interact to Cougars for Christ. This year, Creek’s newest club, H.E.A.T., will make its first debut. Students have the opportunity to join a group that allows one to help the community and gain service hours.

Junior president Bryant Hill decided to found this club here at Creek after drawing inspiration from another school.

“My cousin opened a chapter of it his freshman year at Cy Woods” Hill said. “It was really successful and he had a great time”.

H.E.A.T. club stands for Human Environment Animal Team. According to Hill, their mission statement, ‘Volunteering with positive activism’, puts an emphasis on a good attitude.

“We’re trying to be more uplifting as a group,”Hill said.

Hill hopes for everyone involved in this club to focus on making a positive impact. H.E.A.T.’s leaders are zeroing in on their goals this year, helping the community in any way they can. Some specific goals are working with shelters, special needs kids, and logging as many service hours possible for everyone.

“It’s more you break off into your committee and you help decide ‘this is what I want to do to volunteer’,” Hill said. “So you work together in groups to pick service projects.”

H.E.A.T. operates as nearly completely student oriented. This gives students the chance to participate in what they are really interested in, rather than have a random project assigned to them.

“So our leadership team this year is eight to nine students. I’m very happy with it, everyone’s been working really hard,” Hill said. “We met with the head of the non-profit HEAT about a month ago and he was really thrilled for it.”