Cougars: I’ll be There for You


Photo courtesy of CCHS Yearbook


The warm lights of the stadium crank down to darkness, the only source of light coming from the words sprawled across the bleachers. “Cougars” illuminates the field and students erupt in applause and cheers. 

Each November Creek holds a spirit event at Pridgeon stadium. Students from nearly every club and organization have the opportunity to showcase themselves and gain recognition. Groups including the Silvies, Step Team, Latin dance Team, Cougar Band and many others performed in front of an anticipating crowd.


The price of admission for the fan favored event was one canned good, in order to raise inventory for the Creek Food Pantry. It provides students with a chance to express their school spirit as well as doing some good for the community. Lighting of the CC’s continues as one of Cy Creek’s most unique and beloved traditions.