Band: Behind the Scenes


photo by: Kansas Meade

From August through November, the Cypress Creek Marching Band spends over one hundred and fifty hours outside in the parking lot rehearsing their show. With so much time dedicated to the program, students struggle to balance classes and band.

Senior Drum Major Will Green leads the band during competition season. He comes early to every rehearsal and stays late after most as well, all while taking AP classes and preparing for college band auditions. With the busy schedule of band in addition to these things, Will, along with most band students, have virtually no free time.

“[Practice] is about 2 and half hours long, 3 days a week.” Green said. “And we have one hour rehearsals on game days.”

This means that band students have very little time to themselves. Balancing practices and competitions with classwork and social life presents a problem for most students.

“Most of the time in between rehearsals or on days we don’t have rehearsals we’re getting together and doing homework.” Green said. “Band and homework that’s pretty much all we have time for.”

Though it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, band cultivates a unique experience for those involved. Band gives students the opportunity to meet others with the same interests as themselves and form a strong connection with one another. Marching season offers many fun an exciting activities, but for Green the best part comes when they watch other bands perform.

“It’s nice to see the progress of other bands throughout the season,” Green said. “Just by watching their performances.”

Every other year the Cypress Creek band has the opportunity to go to the State Marching Contest. Green feels confident that the band will perform well this season.

     “I’m hoping we can make State. I’m pretty confident we can make Area Finals,” Green said. “I have high hopes for that.”

For students like Will Green, joining band helped him to discover what career path he wants to follow.

  “I stayed in band because I want to teach high school band after college.” Green said. “So I can help other people and hopefully teach music.”

Each student chooses to stay committed to the program for their own individual reasons. Whether it be for the people, the experience, or the music, everyone has a motivator. However difficult it may seem to balance band’s packed schedule with classes and extracurricular activities, the students involved find it rewarding.

“It’s a lot of hard work but it’s really rewarding and the people are great,” Green said. “It’s worth it.”