Music of the Month: March 2021


“Chemtrails Over The Country Club” by Lana Del Rey. Credits: Interscope Records

Welcome to Music of the Month, your once a month stop for all the latest music releases! The month of March has bought us new music to enjoy. Here are some of the latest releases and projects from this last month.
“Serotonin” by Girl in Red
Indie singer Marie Ulven, better known as “Girl in Red,”released her single, “Serotonin”– which was co-produced by musician FINNEAS, on March 3. The track is from her upcoming debut album that comes out on April 30, “if i could make it go quiet.”
“Serotonin” is different from Ulven’s usual niche of sapphic love songs. Although it sounds very upbeat and indie pop like, the song is about Ulven’s struggles with mental health, intrusive thoughts, depression, and medication. “I’m running low on serotonin, chemical imbalance got me twisting things. Stabilize with medicine, there’s no depth to these feelings,” Ulven sings.
The song is very open and honest, and many teenagers who struggle with mental health may relate and find comfort knowing they aren’t alone when it comes to struggling with mental health.
“Chemtrails Over The Country Club” by Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey’s seventh studio album, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”, came out on March 19. Unlike her previous music that is centered around themes such as glamour, heartbreak, and the beauty of tragedy, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club” takes on a nostalgic and melancholic feel.
In several tracks, Del Rey sings of her younger days and the past. “Down in Orlando, I was only nineteen…”she sings in “White Dress.” In “Let Me Love You Like A Woman,” Del Rey sings, “I come from a small town, how ’bout you? I only mention it ’cause I’m ready to leave LA and I want you to come.. I don’t care where as long as you’re with me.” Del Rey recalls her past and invites her lover to run away with her.
Overall, the album is very beautiful and eerie, while keeping a nostalgic, vintage feel.
“R” by Rosé
Rosé, a member from the Korean girl band, “Blackpink,” made her solo career debut on March 12 by releasing her single album, “R.” The album has four tracks, consisting of two new songs and their instrumental versions.
“On The Ground” is an electro pop song with elements of synth-pop music. The track reflects how far Rose has come as an artist and a person, and her climb to fame. “I worked my whole life, just to get high, just to realize everything I need is on the ground,” she sings. The song truly captures the confidence that comes with growing as a person.
In “Gone,” Rose sings of heartbreak and the feeling of realizing your love for someone is gone. It has a different feel than “Off The Ground,” though it’s a pop song, it’s much more downcast and chill compared to the previous track.
The album includes two catchy fun songs, and the feel and sound of the tracks perfectly contrast each other.
This month has brought great new tunes for fans of many genres–from indie to k-pop– to enjoy and vibe to. Stay tuned for more!