“Moon Knight”: “Summon the Suit” Review


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Last week’s episode of “Moon Knight,” titled “Summon the Suit,” kicked off with Steven Grant A.K.A. Moon Knight dealing with the aftermath of the Jackal attack the previous night. Grant goes to check the security cameras for assurance that what happened the previous night was not a dream, but as he checks the footage, the jackal creature is nowhere to be seen. However, “Grant” walked out of the bathroom all alone.

After being dismissed from his position at the museum, Grant tracks down the storage unit where his alter ego Marc Spector has apparently been living. Inside the storage unit, there is a duffel bag full of British cash, weapons, a passport under the name of Marc Spector, and the golden scarab that seems to be the center of attention from both sides.

Before Grant can formulate a plan, Spector makes another appearance and tells Grant to put everything down and to just let him take control. Grant is able to resist him but as he is running, Khonshu appears once more, voiced by Murray Abraham. Once Grant is able to get to his apartment, his relief is short lived as an unknown woman appears at his door.

In last week’s episode, the character Layla El-Faouly is portrayed by May Calamawy. El-Faouly is revealed to be Spector’s estranged wife who already knows of Spector’s time as Moon Knight but seemingly not of his other identity of Steven Grant, which raises questions. Has Spector kept his Dissociative identity Disorder (DID) a secret from his wife? And if so, then why?

On the subject of DID, Moon Knight continues to demonstrate how DID may affect someone. Throughout last week’s episode, Grant continuously has periods of memory loss where his other personality takes over, which is how DID can present itself. Another representation of DID is in how Steven Grant represents a smaller part of Spector’s personality that has evolved into his own identity. Grant could possibly represent the part of Spector that was more timid and interested in Egyptian history.

After their awkward reunion, Harrow once more tracks down Grant and tries to persuade Grant to give up the scarab. Ethan Hawke did an excellent job of playing a charismatic and caring villain. Harrow’s monologue of how Khonshu was shunned by the other gods and how Ammit could help save the world may have had a few fans fooled.

“For a moment, I forgot that Arthur was the bad guy, it was easy to forget because of seeing the small community he had created,” said junior Tan Ngo.

After the conversation, Harrow sends another jackal after Grant, but as he runs, Grant is able to summon his own version of the suit. Grant’s suit is an obvious reference to the character Mr. Knight who wears an all white suit with white gloves and a white mask.

While Grant is somewhat able to hold his own against the jackal, Spector convinces Grant to give him control in order to finish the fight.

In this episode, fans were finally able to see Marc Spector in action as he ran across rooftops while fighting the jackal. The episode ended with Marc Spector holding onto control and waking up in Egypt in a race to find Ammit’s tomb before Harrow.