Music of the Month: February 2021


“Overdrive” by Conan Gray. Credits: Republic Records

Welcome to Music of the Month, your once a month spot for all the latest music releases! February, the month of love, has bought us a plethora of new music, ranging from flirty tunes to sweet songs. Here are some of the newest releases from last month.
“Overdrive” by Conan Gray
Conan Gray’s latest single, “Overdrive”, came out on February 19. Straying away from his usual genre of melancholic indie, ¨Overdrive¨ is a serotonin inducing pop song that captures the adrenaline rush of falling in love and living in the moment. Gray sings, “All or nothin’, let’s just trust the night.”, expressing the idea that this love is one free of worry and anxiety. Overall, it’s a fun, bright, catchy pop song that perfectly captures the thrills and fun of falling in love.
“Positions (Deluxe)” by Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande released a deluxe version of her sixth studio album, “Positions”, on February 19. The deluxe version includes her remix of her song “34+35” featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, and 4 new tracks, “test drive”, “someone like you (interlude), “worst behavior”, and “main thing”. Like “Positions”, her new songs are about falling in love and intimacy.
One of her tracks, “worst behavior” is about a hidden romance. Grande sings about a love blossoming behind closed doors, and how she wants to keep it a secret because she believes this love is the real thing. This is expressed through lyrics like, “This ain’t no game won’t play with you (Oh, babe). This time I know I’ll stay with you (Stay with you). Just promise you won’t say nothin’.” The song is very flirty and fun, with its lyrics perfectly telling the narrative of a secretive relationship.
“Life Support” by Madison Beer
On February 26, pop star Madison Beer will be coming out with her second album, “Life Support”. The album will include 17 tracks, including her songs, “Good in Goodbye”, “Selfish”, and “Stained Glass”.
“Selfish” is a beautiful, emotional song about leaving a toxic relationship. Beer sings about how even though her ex lover was toxic and selfish, she loved them. The song is very raw, open, and heartfelt. With stunning vocals, meaningful lyrics, and beautiful production, “Life Support” is highly anticipated and definitely worth a listen.
As spring comes, it’ll certainly provide artists, new and old, with opportunities to bloom and flourish. Stay tuned for more!