Varsity Volleyball makes playoffs

The varsity volleyball team defeated Jersey Village in a rematch on Oct. 22, guaranteeing their first playoffs in four years.

The 17-member-team met Wednesday at Tompkins High School and left victorious against Elsik High School.

“My expectation for the girls is to play with heart and intensity,” Varsity Volleyball Coach Tami Combs said. “With those two things, the girls can reach endless possibilities. My hope is to either reach state or end our season walking away knowing we gave everything we could.”

There will be four more games until the team reaches state.

“It feels good that we set a goal and accomplished it and I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to spend this season with a good group of girls,” senior Kate Spikula said. “I’m going to miss them next year.”

Tonight at Campbell Center, they will play against Cinco Ranch High School at 5:30.