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Old tradition gets recognition

Old tradition gets recognition

Story by: Chloe Crawford and Libby Sullivan November 16, 2015

What is a FRED? In order to motivate students and teachers to support each other and appreciate all the work being done, Read 180 teacher Andrea Barnes created the FRED Award last year. Nominating...

Varsity Volleyball makes playoffs

Varsity Volleyball makes playoffs

Story by: Andrea Anderson, Reporter November 8, 2013

The varsity volleyball team defeated Jersey Village in a rematch on Oct. 22, guaranteeing their first playoffs in four years. The 17-member-team met Wednesday at Tompkins High School and left victorious...

Victory dance:  Junior Jose Molina hugs junior Bryan Arriola as he celebrates scoring the third goal in last game against Cy Ranch, securing victory. The team hadn’t won any district games beforehand. Photo by Dairyn Salguero

Boys’ varsity soccer stops winless skid in final game

Story by: Estefania Gamez, Reporter March 28, 2013

It was the last game of the winless season. And the last time for seniors to play. “It didn't start off well because the other team scored in the first 2 minutes,” junior center midfielder Giovanni...

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