Sun sets on senior year for class of 2023


Graphic by Anisa Tran

As the year comes to a close, seniors will be gathering for senior sunset on May 11 on the football field from 7 to 9 p.m.
English teacher and senior class sponsor Kimberly Stelly said that the event symbolizes the end of the year for the class of 2023.
“We had a senior sunrise, which is the beginning of senior year, and the senior sunset will be the ceremonial end to the senior year,” Stelly said.
At senior sunset, there will be various activities for students to enjoy.
“We will have a kickball tournament that starts at seven and at eightish, when the sun starts to set, we will go behind the football fields [to watch the sunset],” Stelly said. “We’ll have music and a DJ and when the sun goes down, we will play the winning [kickball] tournament game.”
Stelly said she hopes that students will be able to enjoy their last moments together collectively.
“I hope seniors will get one last hurrah,” Stelly said. “It’s the last thing we’re doing on campus as a group because the next thing is going to be prom at the Berry Center and then graduation. The senior sunset is the last official thing they’re going to do as a group of seniors.”
Senior class assistant Victoria Okoli said that the event was overall easy to plan, since there had been a similar event prior to this one.
“We did get food trucks and we have a very fun kickball game planned,” Okoli said.
Okoli said that there are mixed feelings about senior sunset being one of the last senior events of the year.
“I would say it’s both [happy and sad] because it’s great that we’re done but sad that the year is over,” Okoli said.
Senior Mary Davis will be attending senior sunset. She hopes to be able to enjoy the final moments of senior year with her friends.
“I hope to make memories of spending time with my friends and enjoying the few moments we have before graduation,” Davis said.
Davis said that senior year ending is a bittersweet thing.
“I’m ready to leave, but I know once I leave I know I’m going to miss everything,” Davis said. “There’s the good and the bad with it.”
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