Creek welcomes new Assistant Principal Dr. Elizabeth Fielder

On April 10, Dr. Elizabeth Fielder joined Cy Creek’s administrative team as an assistant principal. Principal Vicki Snokhous spearheaded the search to find a new assistant principal to fill the vacant position left by former Creek Assistant Principal Sherica Williams, who was promoted to the Director of Instruction position at Sprauge Middle School before Spring Break.

With much to do and not enough time, the search to find a new assistant principal had to be efficient.

“We have a criterion we use to filter the applicants,” Snokhous said. “We interview all that meet that criteria and then narrow it down to two or three finalists, and then the finalist interview again.”

Since it was a mid-year transition, there was the hope to secure someone with enough experience and preparedness. Fielder was previously an assistant principal at Klein Forest High School before her time teaching at Dean Middle School, where she was awarded Teacher of the Year.

“[Fielder] is a sound instructional leader with administrative experience,” Snokhous said. “She makes good relationships with students and is willing to work hard.”

With this administrative change, there is an anticipated acclimation period for students and faculty alike.

“I am confident, in time, the students assigned to her will have a positive relationship and the staff will find they can count on her,” Snokhous said.

Fielder was moved to join Creek because of the community these relationships and partnerships create.

“I chose Cy Creek because of the incredible and spirited culture that exists within its walls and beyond to the fields, courts, stages, shops, and arenas,” Fielder said. “It was very important for me to join a family of educators whose focus was to support student growth and achievement in all aspects of education.”

Through an emphasis on balance and supporting students, Fielder hopes to make an impact on the Creek community.

“My expectations for the time spent at Cy Creek is to simply enjoy all the things and have some fun,” Fielder said. “I do thoroughly believe there is a solid balance of supporting students and staff in their goals with a level of accountability that speaks to striving for excellence.”

Fielder has already gotten started on accomplishing her goals and integrating herself into the campus, greeting students in the morning and ensuring safety procedures are followed.

“I am joining an incredible team of educators who I know have the same mission,” Fielder said. “I truly believe in the power and balance of being personable while holding up the bar of expectations.”

Additional reporting by Anjum Alam.