Fine Line: An Album Review


“File:180612 Harry Styles Live On Tour in Nashville.png” by itsloutual is licensed under CC BY 3.0

In 2017, musician Harry Styles released his self titled debut album, initiating his career as a solo artist. The album included a mix of soft ballads along with rock infused jams. After a mini hiatus from releasing music, Styles’ sophomore album titled “Fine Line” was released on December 13th. After listening to the album nonstop for the past few days, here is my review of a few of the songs off of the album



Track one starts the album with simple repeating harmonies combined with an electric guitar riff to produce a head bopping track. Contradicting the uplifting beat of the song, the lyrics in Golden have more of a dismal vibe. Overall the track was a great pick to open the album and I plan to listen to it more.



Wow. This song is by far one of the best on the album. The slow and soft piano mixed with a hint of violin provide for the ultimate song about heartbreak. On top of the mesmerizing instrumentals, the song includes lyrics such as “What if I’m someone I don’t want around” and “I’m falling again” that let listeners know exactly what Styles was feeling at the time of writing the song. This song gets a 10/10 rating from me.



A message of jealousy mixed with remembrance is found on this track. A mellow guitar strumming along with a simple rhythm contribute to the overall somber feel of the song. At the end of the track vocals of Styles ex girlfriend speaking in french can be heard with the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar in the background. In all, the song is a simple serenade that describes the feelings of life after a break up. Cherry ranks high on my favorites list for the album.



“She” provides me with my second “wow” moment on the album. This song has the perfect mix of storytelling and instrumentals that make me feel as though I’m in a different universe while I’m listening to them. The chorus of “She lives in daydreams with me” best demonstrates the feel of this song. A daydream.The end of the song features a guitar solo that left me awestruck the first time I heard it. Styles’ proclaimed influences of 70’s rock can be seen through this track. Another 10/10 track on this album.


“Fine Line”

Track “Fine Line” serves as the best way to end the sorrowful yet peaceful album. If I had to pick out of all twelve tracks, this one is my favorite. Fine Line features a slow build up to the repeating chorus of “We’ll be a fine line”. After songs filled with lyrics about heartbreak, this track ends the album on a positive note of “We’ll be alright” 

All in all, Fine Line has become one of my favorite albums after fully soaking in every lyric and instrument solo. I recommend you go listen to it.