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“Moon Knight”: “Summon the Suit” Review

Story by: Christian Casas De Leon, Staff April 27, 2022

Last week's episode of “Moon Knight,” titled “Summon the Suit,” kicked off with Steven Grant A.K.A. Moon Knight dealing with the aftermath of the Jackal attack the previous night. Grant goes to...

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“Moon Knight” Episode One: A Fresh, Mature MCU Addition

Story by: Christian Casas De Leon, Staff April 21, 2022

Before Disney's new show “Moon Knight” premiered, many fans began to speculate how a relatively kid-friendly studio would handle such a violent and serious character. “Moon Knight” is the first...

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“Bel-Air” Season One

Story by: Corey McLaurin, Staff April 21, 2022

The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'' spin-off series, “Bel-Air”, had its first season end on March 31. The first season included 10, hour-long episodes. Unexpected changes “Bel-Air” completely shocked...

Stranger Things season 2

Story by: Lydia Estepp, Design Editor April 23, 2017

The popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” released their first trailer for season two on Feb. 5 and should air on Oct. 31, exciting fans and hyping up the future of the series. After an incredibly...

The reality of high school

Prom night, body image and the administration

Story by: Ashlei Gosha, Entertainment Editor December 11, 2016

High Schoolers- Basically Adults, Right? Practically every teen movie out there features one actual teenager, if that. The casts consist of the most attractive and popular 20 or 30 year olds of the...

Get up and watch “The Get Down”

Story by: Ashlei Gosha, Entertainment Editor September 20, 2016

By now everyone has heard of the Netflix show “Stranger Things.” The hype surrounding the horror show, which also acts as a love letter to the ‘70s, has proven deafening, but the other Netflix original...

Back at it again

Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor April 8, 2016

Perhaps the big TV networks realized what their viewers really wanted, or maybe the industry just ran out of ideas. Whatever the reason, 2016 proved a big year for the reboots of several popular shows...

Top 10 cancelled shows

Story by: Ashlei Gosha, Reporter February 11, 2016

Some shows easily pass the test of time, while others succumb to changing tastes and the reality that nothing lasts forever. Here lie some beloved pieces of media that fans will never forget. “CSI” For...

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