Top 10 cancelled shows

Story by: Ashlei Gosha, Reporter

Some shows easily pass the test of time, while others succumb to changing tastes and the reality that nothing lasts forever. Here lie some beloved pieces of media that fans will never forget.

  1. “CSI”

For 15 seasons “CSI” provided the average individual a window into the macabre world of crime scene investigation. The public’s fascination with murder and the people who investigate it emerged, and numerous other shows on the subject were born. Almost everyone can recall watching the show at least once, perhaps during an episode in which it clumsily handled a prevalent issue.


  1. “American Idol”

After 15 seasons, the beloved talent show finally approaches its bitter end. For years, people watched as average Joes faced the music and conquered their fears to become superstars. Some say the show needed to come to a close, as it lost its special appeal once the original judges left. Though some auditions still offer musical hilarity, the show lost ratings for too long. All good things must come to an end.


  1. “America’s Next Top Model”

Last year the curtains fell on Tyra Banks’ search for the fashion world’s next star. Young people looking to break into the industry would strut their stuff in imaginative challenges and have the opportunity to travel all around the world, posing for professional magazines on their road to the top. The show ended strong.


  1. “Hannibal”

Not for the faint of heart, Hannibal, a crime show for those who loved symbolism beside violence, got cut from the roster. The show presents a take on the story of the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lecter, and like all murderer media, has a dedicated fan following. The show, though cancelled after three seasons due to declining ratings, had the attention of connoisseurs of television in its prime.


  1. “Witches of East End”

Witches have served as a favorite of audiences everywhere for a long time. Shows about them go on and off all the time, but “Witches of East End” had the element of surprise on its side. Twists and turns abounded as two generations of sisters navigated the dangerous world of magic in a modern setting, with their own unique fatal flaws. After only two seasons the show was taken off the air with the issues of the sisters left unsolved.


  1. “Parks and Recreation”

This beloved program, still lauded by audiences everywhere as a pinnacle of comedy, brought a tear to the eye of longtime fans when it stopped airing new episodes. It produced pop culture gems such as “treat yo self” and the tragedy of Lil’ Sebastian’s death. The show went out with a wink after seven seasons and remains loved by many.


  1. “Fringe”

Former “X-Files” fans received a treat when this supernatural police drama began gracing the airwaves. Skepticism went out the window. Parallel universes, mysterious diseases and soldiers who bled silver entered the playing field. A show that truly knew no bounds, “Fringe” stopped airing after five seasons.


  1. “Teen Titans”

After five seasons the beloved children’s program left the air, but remained in the hearts and minds of those who grew up watching it. Though a little dark for its audience, the show had complex, well-thought out characters with problems that paralleled real ones. Former fans are not impressed with its new form as a slapstick comedy show, arguing the show never needed to go off in the first place.


  1. “Ugly Betty”

A young journalism hopeful without any concept of fashion becomes the personal assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of one the most prolific fashion magazines around. The show follows young Betty and her eccentric co-workers as she goes through the big decisions in life. The show, a riveting underdog tale, ended after four seasons.


  1. “Mad Men”

Over the course of seven seasons, 1960s businessman Don Draper became the general public’s sleazy yet brilliant representative for the advertising industry. The program, a blast from America’s past, occasionally called back to the issues of the past through the lens of the present.  Following the lives of several individuals throughout the age of cultural digression, it shows a different side of the decade. The show came to a natural end, as all things must.