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New flicks on Netflix

New flicks on Netflix
Upcoming streaming titles on Netflix in April
April 17, 2017

Netflix constantly updates its streaming queue. Every month new titles appear for genres of all types and people of all ages. April showers viewers with new picks from old classics to new blockbuster hits,...

Illegal or legal

Illegal or legal
The many forms of substance abuse
March 30, 2017

Inhaling. Injecting. Drinking. Eating Substance abuse does not always give off the red flags everyone looks for. Sometimes the abuse hides right under people’s noses, and could include prescription...

Walking on eggshells

Identifying a toxic relationship
March 3, 2017

He said that he makes fun of your insecurities to make you stronger. He said that you have to do this or you will never amount to anything. He said he pulls you aside and yells at you because he cares....

Mind over matter

Anxiety can cause chemical imbalances, sleeping problems, coronary disease, heart failure, chronic bronchitis and many other illnesses in the brain, lungs, heart  and digestive track.
Attacking anxiety before it strikes first
February 24, 2017

The sound of the heart quickly pounding against the ribcage. The panicky feeling that tightens the throat and makes the head feel light. The face feeling flushed with a sudden urge to cry. Anxiety...

Take a load off

Take a load off
February 16, 2017

With the increasing responsibilities placed upon the shoulders of high school students, many experience extreme stress without having healthy ways of dealing with such feelings. As stress remains a threat...

“She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the Bleachers”

Beloved cheer coach retires from coaching cheer
LeClaire retires from coaching cheer team
December 8, 2016

The full stadium. The roar and energy from the crowd. The steps practiced to perfection. Nicole LeClaire spent her youth cheering with all her might in her hometown in El Paso, proudly and consistently...

Subbed or dubbed

Subbed or dubbed
Best foreign films for any movie lover
September 22, 2016

When culture meets cinema, foreign films do their best to provide viewers different eye-opening insights on the world. Where a film comes from greatly affects the movie an audience ultimately sees because...

Taking photos, taking gold

Taking photos, taking gold
Melody Ballinger - gold medal winning photographer
March 3, 2016

Two passions combined into one gave Melody Ballinger a gold-winning entry in the Scholastic Art Awards. Her passion for photography led her to capture her love for playing the violin in her award-winning...

The results of FFA’s 2016 stockshow

The results of FFA’s 2016 stockshow
February 8, 2016

The 2016 FFA stockshow, held on Feb. 4-6, ended in excitement as 16 Cy Creek students placed with high rankings and acquired premium auction with their livestock projects. Over the course of the stockshow,...


Photo Courtesy of Cy-Hope.
A positive organization in the CFISD community
January 31, 2016

Cy-Hope offers a scholarship called POP, Providing Opportunities Program. It identifies students in need of scholarships to pay for Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, and Certifications in fields like Cosmetology,...

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