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Photo Courtesy of Cy-Hope.

Story by: Alexis Garrison, Staff Artist and Design Team

Cy-Hope offers a scholarship called POP, Providing Opportunities Program. It identifies students in need of scholarships to pay for Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, and Certifications in fields like Cosmetology, Culinary, Welding, Auto Mechanics. The scholarships vary in amount, from partial to fully paid. The students must register for their free or reduced lunch program to qualify, but Cy-Hope makes exceptions based on families with extenuating circumstances. To apply, download the application form under Grants & Scholarships on Cy-Hope’s website.

Cy-Hope works alongside CFISD to promote school adoptions and aims to encourage teachers and students to develop into self-sufficient and productive citizens. Their array of programs works to help students that do not have as many opportunities and benefits compared to more privileged students.

The Cy-Hope programs focus on lifestyle training, such as their Hope Centers and Backpack Program. The Hope Centers, located in mobile home communities and apartment complexes, offer tutoring, life skills classes and mentoring. The Hope Centers also provide English and citizenship classes to adults. The Backpack Program provides food for economically disadvantaged school children each weekend. In each bag, children find food that helps sustain them through the weekends when they cannot access school food.

Other programs offered include counseling centers and summer camp. The Center for Children and Families – a Cy-Hope counseling clinic – specializes in play therapy, counseling for children and adolescents, marriage and family counseling and group therapy. The clinic also offers psychoeducational, ADHD and neuropsychological evaluations. The center provides services available to all children and families. Camp Lemonade, Cy-Hope’s summer camp program, sends under-privileged youth to Stoney Creek Ranch for the ultimate summer camp experience.

Cy-Hope also provides partial and full scholarships to qualified students in dual credit, certification, or advanced placement (AP) courses. The scholarship amount varies based on the program and fees associated with it.

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