Celebrating the Fall athletes on Cougar Day

Photo by: Skylar Campbell
Blue spirit

Coaches showed off Fall athlete’s everyday hard work and dedication at Cougar Day on Aug. 24 in the auditorium.

    Varsity running back coach Ryan Tatum said he likes getting the opportunity to hang out with parents and community members outside of school setting.

“Cougar Day brings us together,” he said. “We can get behind one common goal and get behind them (the athletes) and support them.”

Junior Ashley Henderson said she’s excited for football season and wanted to see the players and the Cougar spirit.

“I think it brings us together because it’s a big gathering of the teams,” she said. “It’s like one big family.”

Principal Sandy Trujillo loves celebrating those students who are already starting their craft and showing off all of the athletes.

“It’s an infectious excitement to start the school year,” she said.