Journalism students attend 2022 Fall Fiesta


Photo by: Luther Jones

Senior Anisa Tran and Bridgeland junior Carolyn Gilbert take a BeReal near Alamo Plaza Oct. 9 while attending Fall Fiesta in San Antonio.

Yearbook and newspaper staff attended the Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE) Fall Fiesta conference in San Antonio Oct. 8-10. Fall Fiesta is a journalism conference that students from all across Texas can attend to learn from advisers and other student journalists.

Freshman and yearbook staffer Leo Biggerstaff was one of the students who went.

“It was a really unique experience being able to talk to so many people that had the interest I do,” Biggerstaff said.

Anisa Tran, a senior newspaper staffer, agrees and thinks it was a great opportunity to meet new people she could connect with on another level.

“I met a journalist and adviser from Bridgeland and we bonded over both being on the neurodivergent spectrum,” Tran said. “She really helped me see that it does get better and that even if it’s hard, I can still make it in this world.”

Tran won an Honorable Mention in the Feature Writing on-site competition.

Ms. Brianna Sheen, newspaper and yearbook adviser, was happy about her selection of students and encouraged them and other students to go again next year.

“It’s beneficial to go multiple times because you are only allowed to do one competition each day, so if you go multiple times, you can get a chance to enter competitions each year,” Sheen said.

Creek’s student journalists agree that Fall Fiesta was a great experience that they learned a lot from and would gladly go again.