High Enrollment Prompts Campus Changes


Enrollment increased with a record total of 978 freshmen joining campus this fall. Staff and students are learning how to adjust to the influx of students and manage their new normal.

According to information provided by Mary-Kathleen White, the person responsible for enrolling every member of the student body as Cy Creek’s registrar, there is a noticeable disparity between the four graduating classes, with 685 senior students returning.

While this trend of an overwhelming amount of underclassmen is part of a common cycle, recent administrative and scheduling changes made to combat this imbalance have brought this pattern into focus.

These changes include the addition of a fourth lunch period, an absolute limit on loitering on Main Street during passing periods and dismissal, and a reorganization of the master schedule.

Congested hallways, stalling traffic, and busy office hours–life as a member of the Cy Creek student body, faculty, and staff is adapting to help Cy Creek function this school year.