Celebrating the Fall athletes on Cougar Day

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Celebrating the Fall athletes on Cougar Day


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On August 23, students from a variety of sports and groups within the school gathered in the auditorium to show their Cougar pride.

Cougar Day remains a special day where students and staff get to show their spirit for Creek by celebrating the athletes. Pumping the crowd up, the coaches showcase all of their players with pride and hope of many wins for the season.

Freshman wide receiver, Marlon Gordon, said he liked his introduction as an athlete to the rest of the Creek community.

“It feels good, just having that title, have to live up to it now.” Gordon said. “It was fun having a lot of people from the community there and just being around”

People from all corners of the auditorium applauded for everyone who showed off their Cougar Pride, rising in unity to sing the school song. Amongst the crowd, Gordon stood, also chanting the song.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Gordon said.

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