New year, new staff

New Silvie Assistant Director

The Silverado drill team has a new assistant director, Ryan Garcia.

This will be Garcia’s first year as a teacher and as a Silvie coach. Back in 2007, Garcia attended Cy Ridge High School and danced on the Dazzlers drill team. The assistant principal of Cy Ridge High School, Stephanie Lyle, informed Garcia of the open position for Silverado assistant director.

“I really enjoyed the positive attitudes and atmosphere that we got from the school and the faculty,” Garcia said. “I look forward to their [the team] growth and just the team bonding.”


New Band Director

Brian Drake joined the band faculty as the new director.

Originally from Northern Virginia, Drake has served as a band director for seven years and plays the trumpet and accordion.

“I am really looking forward to having a successful year,” he said. “It started off really well and I think that it’s going to continue that way for the rest of the year.”

Drake said he has enjoyed his time here and has had a smooth transition so far.

“I feel like Cy Creek has a clear vision of success for students,” Drake said.

When not in school, Drake said he tries to spend as much time with his wife and dog.

“Everything has been fine and I contribute that to the great staff here and to the wonderful students that we have in the band program,” he said.


New AP

The Law and Human Service Academy has a new assistant principal, Doris Holden-Smith.

Previously, Holden-Smith served as a special administrator for four years. She heard about the AP opening and was encouraged to apply for the position.

“No day is the same; my day does go by very very fast,” she said. “My position prior to this was special administrator so I worked very closely with the AP’s, but I did not know what all they did.”

Holden-Smith said she enjoys working with the students and looks forward to helping them achieve success.

“The good thing is trying to help them [students] be successful and whether they go to college or go out into the job force, being that support mechanism to help them be successful,” she said.


Officer Patrick O’Neal Arnett

Originally from Orange, Texas, Officer Patrick O’Neal Arnett will serve as one of the three new police officers.

Arnett worked as a police officer for 25 years previously and held the sergeant position in different agencies.

Arnett heard about the CFISD police officer position from a local friend and police officer.

“I don’t want to see any serious incidents,” he said.

Arnett said he looks forward to getting to know and interact with all the staff members.

“I  plan to become a member of the command staff while I’m here,” he said.

New Officer Gregory Loter

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Gregory Loter will serve as one of the three new campus police officers.

Loter worked as a police officer for seven years prior to working here, and spent time as a police negotiator.

“I’d like to get to know names to those faces and have more of a personal interaction with students and faculty,” he said.

When not diligently keeping watch over the school, Officer Loter said he enjoys movies, cars and things similar to that nature.

“It’s been pretty smooth so far,” he said. “[Cy Creek] is a very nice place.”


New Cop Officer Gonzalez

Originally from Katy, Texas, Gonzalez started his first officer position.

The agency assigned him to work here for his first year of duty.

“My goal is being able to stay with the agency for a long time,” Gonzalez said.

After a smooth transition, Gonzalez said he enjoys working with the department and hanging out with his family.

“My most proud accomplishment is being able to work with the department,” he said.