Welcome Home: Harry Styles Announces New Album, Releases Lead Single


Graphic by Anisa Tran, made on Canva

Harry Styles announced his third studio album, “Harry’s House,” via social media March 23. It will be the first project he’s put out since his last release, “Fine Line,” in 2019. The album is anticipated to have thirteen tracks and will be released May 20.

It’s been three years since his last album, and there’s no doubt fans are ecstatic over the announcement. Cypress Creek students shared their excitement.

“I’m very excited for the new album, although I’ve grown an attachment to his self-titled album and ‘Fine Line,’” junior Mary Davis said. “A new beginning is good, and I’m glad to listen to new music [by Styles] any day.”

“I’m already absolutely in love with the album,” sophomore Savannah McCullar said. “The aesthetic and overall vibe that’s already out is really captivating and I’m excited to see how the album is when it’s out.”

Styles released the album’s first lead single, “As It Was,” on April 1. The track explores themes of the fluidity of life, change, and feelings of loneliness. Additionally, the bright, summery feel of the song beautifully contradicts the melancholic, honest lyrics sung by Styles. “As It Was” is a relatable song that hits close to home, especially for teenagers in high school whose lives are constantly changing.

Many fans are already hooked on “As It Was” and are looking forward to what Styles’ new album has to offer.

“I absolutely love the new song, especially when Harry talked in third person,” Davis said. “The lyric, ‘Hary, you’re no good alone,’ is just brilliant and wonderful. The song is very upbeat, and perfect for summer.”

“Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite Harry songs already. I’m so in love with the beat and how his voice is blended to the track,” McCullar said. “It’s just amazing.”

The album will be released just in time for summer, giving students lots of new songs to add to their summer playlists. “Harry’s House” comes out on May 20.