Book den reviews: “Einstein’s Beach House”


Photo by: Libby Sullivan

Story by: Libby Sullivan, Business Manager

“Einstein’s Beach House” by Jacob M. Appel

I hesitated before I began reading this book since it was a short story. Short stories and I never got along; their lack of depth and unsatisfying endings seemed to push me away. Still, I felt Jacob M. Appel’s book deserved a chance, and I was amazed throughout the whole collection of stories.

Appel ventured through multiple topics in his collection of short stories, some more serious than others. His ability to jump from a deep topic like a convict trying to correct his life to a lighter, funnier topic like a man stealing his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s turtle to save a relationship helped to makes sure the reader never got bored. Appel’s ability to take many different angles on stories and switch topics with ease made “Einstein’s Beach House” an always entertaining but also easy book to read, giving it the perfect five paw rating.

Another reason this book was such a good read is due to the fact that I could easily read one of the stories between classes. All of the stories could be put down at any time, and I never had to reread anything to remember what I last read, making it a great collection of short stories for a busy schedule. 

I hope to keep up with Appel’s books since he is a relatively new author. I also have high hopes for the books to come and cannot wait to read more of his work.