Book Den Reviews: “Tuesdays with Morrie”

A heart wrenching and eye-opening novel, “Tuesdays With Morrie” introduced a whole new world of thought to my life, and made me fall in love with the most unexpected of characters.

Mitch Albom, a middle-aged man living life just like everyone else; working, making a family, settling. Albom settled by not following his dreams and resigning himself to a career as a journalist out of college; but Albom knew, deep down, settling did not bring satisfaction. When Albom’s college professor and dear friend Morrie Schwartz is diagnosed with ALS, Albom returns to him to say his goodbyes. But, after that first visit, the goodbye turned into a string of visits where Morrie teaches Albom about life and its biggest questions. Morrie spent his final days teaching one more class to his last, favorite, student.

This autobiography will open the eyes of even the most ignorant or “strong minded” of readers. As I followed the life, well, more like decay, of Morrie, the true strength of human will revealed itself. As a man lay dying in his bed he still only concerned himself with the well-being of others. As Morrie lost feeling in his toes, he still welcomed people into his home to share their problems. While Morrie’s lungs began to give out more each day, he still wanted to teach and offer what he knew to make everyone else’s life easier.

On top of offering a whole new outlook on life and being an overall inspirational book, Mitch Albom composed a beautifully written novel. The words flowed off the page and created a vivid image in my head. When I finally flipped to the end of the book and saw a picture of Morrie, I found myself amazed. The image from Albom’s words created a perfect replica of what Morrie looked like. Knowing this made it even easier to fall in love with his character.

On top of every other wonderful aspect of this book, everything in it seemed painfully real. While Albom rediscovered his love and admiration of his college professor, the reader felt the same emotions. The joy of them reuniting, and the pain and sadness as Morrie began to disappear from the world. Morrie’s lessons had meaning, and gave knowledge the reader could hold onto for future instances.

“Tuesdays With Morrie” completely changed my outlook on a lot of important life issues and will do the same for anyone else who picks up the book.