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Safety first

3 students pose with their IDs

Story by: Chloe Crawford, Managing Editor

September 20, 2017

Starting this school year a new policy regarding IDs will go into effect. Upon entering the building students will need to have a visible ID on their person. They must have their ID to buy lunch, board buses, and enter classrooms. Assistant principal Jason Hawkins said IDs will help with student and staff safe...

Concealed handguns can keep schools safe

Concealed handguns can keep schools safe

Story by: Andrea Anderson, Reporter

November 7, 2013

Passing laws allowing teachers to have guns in classrooms may be the only solution to ceasing violence in schools. When the founding fathers created the Second Amendment they did so out of the belief that arms in the hands of the citizens would allow them to take personal responsibility for society'...

Sam Says: Stay safe, stay sober

Story by: Samantha Casas, Editor in Chief

March 28, 2013

We hear stories at school about some crazy parties and the easy access to alcohol or drugs. We see pictures uploaded on Facebook or Instagram of the great time someone had. It’s normal to hear about underage drinking, and television or movies don’t do a great job of highlighting the danger in drinki...

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