Safety first

New ID policy keeps building safe

Chloe Crawford

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Photo by: Chloe Crawford

3 students pose with their IDs

Starting this school year a new policy regarding IDs will go into effect. Upon entering the building students will need to have a visible ID on their person. They must have their ID to buy lunch, board buses, and enter classrooms.

Assistant principal Jason Hawkins said IDs will help with student and staff safety.

“We need to be able to identify students and staff that belong on our campus,” Hawkins said. “This is why all students and all staff are required to wear an ID on a lanyard all day, every day. Think about it, in almost every profession you are required to wear an ID when you go into work.”

When students and staff wear their IDs, everyone can see if they belong on campus or not.

“I hope that it helps all involved feel safer about Cy Creek – this includes staff, students, and parents – the whole community,” Hawkins said. “One of my most important jobs here is student and school safety. I am constantly thinking of ways we can improve to help make Creek a safer place for everyone.”

On the first day of school, staff members issued students a black lanyard with their ID attached. However, students can swap their black lanyard for a school appropriate lanyard of their choosing.

“Students can wear a school appropriate lanyard,” Hawkins said. “Some examples would be a college or armed forces lanyard. The two things that are required is that the lanyard and ID must be worn around the neck and must be visible at all times while on campus.”