Teachers take step back

A new leadership class of upperclassmen shake up freshman advocacies with their peer-to-peer style lessons rather than the typical teacher-to-student scenario.

The class teach lessons oriented around current studies and career planning.

“I wish I had people coming in and helping me instead of just sitting there,” senior Destiny Rubottom said. “I like that this is more productive and they can get something from it.”

The senior leadership class provides information to freshmen, so they can be prepared for high school for the years to come and how to be the most successful.

‘We’re just there to be like a big sister, big brother thing and help them with whatever questions they have,” Rubottom said.

The classes pair up according to gender.

“I have a group of girls, about 17 of them, and they’re really awesome,” senior Laura Krolow said. “It took awhile for us to get to know each other, but after awhile they started to open up to us.”

The seniors try to be a friend to them.

“I love my freshmen, they’re all nice and funny,” senior Emily Minner said.“They all want to be someone.”