EOC policies to change

Changes made to EOC testing policies by the Texas Education Agency will affect the number of tests freshmen, sophomores and juniors take.

On average students would take around 12 to 15 EOC exams with the previous plan, but the new changes brought by the TEA and the District reduced the number of tests to five.

The number of exams reduced by either eliminating or combining tests together such as the reading and writing tests.

This change is expected to ease stress on both students and the district.

“Fifteen tests is a little bit overwhelming for the students and the school and if a test goes missing, tracking and finding it is a complex process,” associate principal Margaret Wiley said.

Although many students who worry about tests may feel a great relief, the changes might not be too noticeable to those who perform well in school all the time according to Wiley.

“If you are a very bright, very high achieving student and you don’t experience much stress in school [the exams] probably wouldn’t faze you at all because you just show up that day take the test and move on,” Wiley said.

Because of to how new the EOC exams are any future changes will be posted on the Texas Education Agency website at www.tea.state.tx.us/