S.N.A.P seeks involvement

Senior Night After Prom (S.N.A.P) provides seniors with fun and safe alternative activities with their friends after prom.

Throughout the year, senior parents gather and hold Senior Night After Prom (S.N.A.P) meetings and fundraisers to raise money for an after prom extravaganza relying entirely on parent involvement.

“Their [senior’s] parents have to be involved in the organization of S.N.A.P” Senior Class liaison and Economics teacher Greg Nelson said.

Without parent involvement and more fundraising, S.N.A.P cannot happen.

“We are going to try to have more parents involved by the end of the month,” Senior and S.N.A.P. Media Correspondent Cindy Benitez said. “We need around 25 or 30 parents and right now we have about 13.”

Fundraisers for S.N.A.P include buying a Flock of Flamingos for friends and making Amazon purchases.

“If you go online to the Creek website and shop anything on Amazon through the Creek website we get a profit from it.” Benitez said.