ID’s enforced

Starting January 7, 2014 students will be required to wear ID badges for the entirety of the school day .

Identification must be attached to a lanyard or pinned to a shirt where it’s visible for all school personnel. The purpose of this new policy is to ensure better security and safety for the 3500 lives in the school.

“If students help out and wear their badges, it’ll be a safer campus,” Architecture, Engineering Design & Presentation, Advanced Engineering and Advanced Architecture teacher Derrick Crowder said.

Refusal to wear ID badges, will result in a write up. If a student forgets or loses an ID, the student must purchase a temporary badge, valid for only one day at the appropriate academy office for one dollar. A new ID will cost 15 dollars. Any form of defacement on the card (cutting, writing, or placing stickers) is prohibited and if the badge cannot be fixed, the student must replace it.

“I understand it’s for our safety, but I wish I could keep it in a wallet or purse instead of wearing it,” sophomore Diana Martinez said.

Identification is needed to check in or out through attendance, to purchase tickets to school events and activities, to attend school dances, and to receive and request confidential information.