Power Police

Students and teachers join forces to help cut down costly electrical use throughout the district. Their overall goal includes making the public more aware of the power they could be saving.

“The club is a group of students who are actively involved in helping the school lower energy costs,” advisor for Power Leadership Team, Richard Alcorn said. “They help educate the community, teachers and students about conservation of water and electricity and ways to help conserve energy both here at school and at home.”

Their mission began Oct. 1 by removing a single bulb from every light structure in every hallway throughout our school. This would initially save 30% of our electrical costs.

“It’s a good way to make friends and earn community service hours,” sophomore Hala Khan said.

They meet twice a month to work on numerous projects and brainstorm on different ways to conserve the school’s energy.

“Right now they’re going around and doing energy audits, which is looking for ways as a building we’re being wasteful,” Alcorn said. “Then they’ll be looking for ways to get involved in the community.”