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Due to the constant efforts of the district and college and career counselor Amber Stephens, CFISD will host a college special interest night.  

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the Berry Center will host a night of informative sessions discussing anything and everything students may find useful.

“It’s about experiences and connections that [students] made and really exploring the field,” Stephens said.

The main topics will cover how to find the best fit in a college, how to apply to a selective school, the procedure for out-of-state schools, and collegiate sports. A mini college fair, which includes visits from college and university representatives, will also occur. Stephens’ main goal includes exposing students to lesser-known schools that may interest them.

“For schools that they’re not familiar with it makes them broaden their horizons and for schools that they are familiar with it can help them clarify their understanding of the schools,” Stephens said.

Stephens hopes the more frequently students communicate with postsecondary professionals, the less daunting the application process becomes, and hopefully students feel more secure about their futures.

“My real vision for this would be to pull in one school that really makes students interested and maybe one school that they should be interested in but they were totally unaware of that they could change their mind,” Stephens said.


Mrs.Stephens announces important information and dates through her Remind 101. If students wish to know more they can go to her faculty webpage or find her in the college and career office room number 1421.