Picture Perfect

Senior Fabricio Galbatto shares on his experiences as a professional wedding photographer

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March 27, 2017

As the blushing bride slowly waltzes down the aisle to the meet her husband-to-be, everyone watches in absolute awe. Cameras flash and click in all directions, trying to capture every moment of the magical day. With just the right amount of skill and luck, the photographers try to capture the perfect shot.

Senior Fabricio Galbatto, has exposed himself to photography all his life. His parents, who own a professional company, Galbatto Photography, have involved him in the process of taking and developing pictures since a young age. Just starting to take pictures professionally last year, he has gained many valuable experiences and an immense passion for the art.

“I started last year but my parents are wedding photographers, so I’ve always gone with them just to see what happens,” Galbatto said. “We work for 20 hours and don’t eat much, and you’re really tired but I really like it.”

Whether Galbatto takes pictures for class or a client, he learns something new from every picture he takes. Fascinated by the different aspects of photography, Galbatto knows how much work goes into every shot.

“I like it because it’s not just an art,” Galbatto said.  “It’s a science, it’s physics, it’s chemistry, and it’s math. It’s art and it’s different things that make art and it’s amazing.”

Planning to continue with Galbatto Photography immediately after high school, Galbatto’s path appears clear. Despite his assured employment, he plans to take photography related courses in college to grow more skilled in his art.

“I like the aesthetics of photography and how complicated it can be,” Galbatto said. “Photography is my passion. Of all 2D art, photography is my favorite art.”