Mariah Carey’s Classic Christmas Carol

Every Christmas season, festive songs take over radio stations and music playlists across the country. However, the title for one of the most recognizable melodies of any Christmas season undoubtedly goes to, Mariah Carey’s hit single, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” released in her 1994 album “Merry Christmas.”
Carey’s undeniably popular song, earns her more than one million dollars in royalties every christmas season, and a total estimated amount of 60 million dollars since its release in 1994. Carey’s song seems to grow each passing christmas season, with an extra two million dollars in royalties made once it became available on Spotify, and currently has received over 658 million views on Youtube after its addition in 2009.
In the previous 2019 Christmas season, Carey released a new edition of her hit song called the, “Make My Wish Come True” edition, released just six days before Christmas on December 19 of last year. The release of this new edition brought Carey back to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the nineteenth time since the world renowned ‘94 debut.
This christmas singalong classic shows no sign of slowing down this winter season. As holiday spirits and jolly Christmas tunes fill the air, Carey’s hit single will undeniably continue the legacy of playing in households and festive get-togethers across the nation.