Ten platonic Valentine’s Day gifts

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Ashlei Gosha

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Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to love, and not always the romantic kind. Friends are just as important as partners, and they would appreciate some recognition too. Here are some ways to demonstrate this affection.

  1. Homemade sweets

Misshapen heart-shaped cookies, floppy pound cakes, and cupcakes with melted frosting can really show dedication to making  friends happy.Showing a little love only takes elbow grease and perseverance.

  1. A stuffed animal

A huggable little critter will make a good companion for a friend, or make a nice addition to their bedroom. Though they do not admit it, many people enjoy these plush gifts.

  1. Heart-shaped pizza

This irreverent gift counters everything about Valentine’s Day. A greasy, gooey cheese pizza is a great way to celebrate a holiday based on lame stuff like tenderness and care.

  1. Cute socks

Believe it or not, people love receiving whimsical socks. They make a bland part of life, feet, interesting.

  1. Boxed chocolates

A timeless classic. Boxed chocolates make a suitable gift for just about everyone, and lots of people love them. If all else fails, this traditional option may work.

  1. Friendship jewelry

Gifts from ten years ago work just as well now. It worked when in third grade , and it works now. If anything, this get points for the nostalgia factor.

  1. An Adele album

If a friend’s been through a rough breakup, this is going to be the gift for them. Sometimes it helps to just cry it out all alone. Or power it out with a heated singing-along session.

  1. Gift card

Some friends have extremely discerning tastes. They give back most gifts with a thank you and a disappointed smile. Just cut out the middleman while demonstrating a bit of knowledge of them. They get all their clothes from one place, so they’ll have plenty of opportunities to use this.

  1. An extra charger

Chargers get lost, broken and submerged in water all the time. With this gift you can be the hero a forgetful friend needs and deserves. Or at the very least, they will stop asking to borrow one.

  1. Office supplies

This present is for the friend who keeps their desk meticulously organized and could write a symphony about the merits of post-it notes. Office Depot is their happy place, and everyone knows it because this is where all their gifts come from.