Go ahead, treat yo’ self

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These days staying positive poses a real challenge. It seems like every hour of every day means work and a million unsatisfying activities, all requiring complete focus. Making time for one’s self seems impossible; not for others, though. On the Snapchat feeds everyone seems to have wonderful events to attend. But who cares? Alone does not have to mean lonely.

  1. Bingeing in Bed

Plan a whole day around consuming a favorite show. The difference between this and getting swept up into “Mad Men” right after breakfast lies with the intent. Pick a show or a series of movies beforehand, and take a trip to the store to pick up the best lazy day foods. Do not plan anything for binge day, and make sure someone else’s plans will not ruin the day. Then sit back, relax, and let Jon Hamm take the wheel for a little while.

  1. Splurge

Everyone has something they have locked out of sight and mind, yet haunts them when they think, what do I want? Indulge in that thing. Waiting forever will only bring regret when the option no longer presents itself. Go ahead and take the leap now. Make the ten hour brownies. Spend a little of the part-time job savings to get a coveted item. Every job requires at least a modicum of hard work, and hard work deserves a reward.

  1. Get Out of the House

You can only stay cooped up in the same four walls for so long. It does not matter where or with who, just get out. Take the dog all around the neighborhood, go see a movie with friends, or find something fun to do with family. Do not let those four walls and an air conditioning unit become a prison.

  1. Naptime

Not crashing and burning during one of Mr. Miller’s lectures, but getting home, putting three blankets in the bed, and passing out for five hours. That blissful five hours no one ever wants to get back. Sweet dreams or no dreams, have a nap to remember or a day to forget. While the hours away with inactivity for once.

  1. Alone Time with Mario

This may not be for everyone, but most people can throw away at least one or two hours on one of Nintendo’s family-friendly domains. For those with more hardcore inclinations, take the opportunity to either play easy mode for a change or face the fearsome challenge of a higher difficulty level. Winning can act as its own reward.